Whiffle Team

prof. dr. Harmen Jonker.
Founder & Managing Director.

Jonker is professor of Atmospheric Physics at TU Delft,  and has an affiliate scientist appointment at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder (Colorado, USA). He has a PhD in Physics.

dr. ir. Remco Verzijlbergh.
Founder & Director of Operations.

Verzijlbergh has an MSc in atmospheric physics and a PhD in renewable energy economics. He is assistant professor at the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of TU Delft, where he works on issues related to renewable energy integration.

dr. ir. Peter Baas
R&D specialist

Frans Jan Burkens MSc

ir. Gerrit Deen
R&D specialist

ir. Adriaan Derksen
Product Manager

ir. Pim van Dorp
R&D specialist


Mikko Folkersma MSc
R&D specialist

ir. Daan Houf
Product Manager

Daniëlle Faro
Office Manager

Bob Meijer MSc
Director Business Development

drs. Evert Wiegant
Forecast Analyst